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Work place compensatio claims

Your employer has a legal duty to protect you from personal injury and accidents at work, and to inform of health and safety issues which apply to you. Your employer must try to ensure that you carry out your work in as safe an environment as possible to protect you from accidents and personal injury in the workplace. Your employer should always take into account the type of job you do, the materials and equipment that you work with and the tasks involved. Employers also need to make sure your working environment is generally safe and free from danger. If it is not, and you suffer a personal injury after an accident at work, you can claim compensation through a personal injury solicitor.

Personal injury compensation claims after accidents at work are on the increase, and there are strict laws governing the responsibilities of the employer. An obvious example of a breach of employer´s responsibility, is water left on floors of the workplace which can make them slippery and dangerous. Loose cabling and cluttered floors can prove equally hazardous, and many personal injuries are sustained after accidents which involve slipping and tripping over wires and cables. In order to avoid personal injury and illness claims resulting from accidents at work, employers should also ensure that the work premises are adequately heated and ventilated.
If an accident does occur, your employer has a further legal obligation to report certain accidents and incidents to the Health and Safety Executive. You can claim compensation for personal injury at work if the accident which caused it was not your fault, and it happened within the past three years.

The Health and Safety Executive estimate that individual employees lose millions of pounds a year in reduced income and additional expenditure as a result of accidents at work. Apart from the obvious financial loss, victims and their families suffer further in the form of pain, grief and loss of amenity.

Accidents at work that cause personal injury can be claimed for and include:
  · Slips and trips which cause personal injury
  · Personal injury as a result of defective/faulty work equipment
  · Falls from height causing personal injury
  · Personal injury from falling objects
  · Personal Injury caused by a lack of proper training
  · Accidents that cause back injuries at work
  · Personal injury which results from an absence of/improper provision of personal protective equipment/clothing
  · Personal Injury sustained as a result of tiredness
Recording accidents and personal injury at work
All personal injuries that occur at work, even minor injuries, should be recorded in the employer's “accident book”. All employers (with the exception of very small companies) must keep an accident book. This book is important, as it provides a tangible record of what occurred at the time of the accident, and may assist in clarifying the cause of the accident which has resulted in personal injury at work. This will also be of great help if you want to make a compensation claim for personal injury after an accident at work.
Accident and personal injury at work checklist

After suffering an accident which results in personal injury at work, the following steps should be taken;

 · The personal injury is to be recorded in the 'accident book'.
 · If necessary, make sure your employer has reported it to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE)
Making a personal injury compensation claim after an accident at work
If you have suffered personal injury after an accident at work and your employer is at fault, you may want to make a personal injury claim for compensation. Any personal injury compensation claim must be made within three years of the date of the accident.
By law, your employer must have employers’ liability insurance, which is required to cover any award for damages following a successful claim. A certificate with the name of your employer’s insurance company should be displayed at work so that you can take down their details, as your personal injury solicitor will need those details to commence your claim. If the details are not displayed, your employers are required to provide them to you upon request.
Please remember that the aim of personal injury compensation (i.e- legal damages) is to put you in the position you would be in if the accident had not happened.
We have a dedicated team of lawyers to help you through your personal injury compensation claim. Personal injury may result from accidents at work such as:

 · Personal injury sustained after lifting or manual handling,
 · Personal injury arising from falls, trips or slips, and
 · Personal injury from being exposed to violent attacks or physical assaults.

We can recover personal injury compensation for your injury at work if it can be proved that someone else was at fault for the accident. It does not need to be your employer, it can be a fellow employee or even another company at your place of work.

The complexities of cases can vary enormously from obvious cases of negligence, to more complex cases where liability (responsibility) for the accident may be harder to prove, and from minor injury claims to serious injuries that could result in long term disability, or even fatality. Irrespective of the type of personal injury suffered, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your options. It is natural to assume personal blame for an accident at work where the legal responsibility actually lies with your employer. We can advise whether you are entitled to make a claim for damages and loss of earnings and explain your legal rights regarding personal injury compensation claims after accidents at work.

Our most important goal is to assist you and get you the compensation you deserve. We will keep you informed every step of the way, throughout the personal injury compensation claims process. and will be as clear and open as possible. The process would normally include:

1.     A free initial consultation, which gives us a clear understanding of your case.
2.     If you have a case for a personal injury compensation claim, we will let you know as quickly as possible. We will then give you the name of your dedicated legal adviser who will handle your personal injury compensation claim.
3.     Where necessary, we will contact you to arrange an assessment with a suitable medical expert.
3.     The legal adviser will investigate and build evidence to back up your case for claiming compensation for personal injury.
4.     Your legal adviser will keep in touch with you throughout, so you are always informed of any new developments.
5.     Finally, a mutually agreeable compensation settlement is reached.

It is important to speak to us as early as possible about your work related accident/personal injury, as time limitation periods apply. Also, investigating your claim for personal injury compensation after an accident at work, is often easier if you begin proceedings quickly, as the events of the accident are often clearer in your mind and you may be able to recall more of the incident than is recorded in the accident book.

Stephen Astin of Farnworth Rose Personal Injury Solicitors qualified as a solicitor in 2003 and joined the firm in 2007. Stephen acts in the field of compensation claims for Accidents and Illnesses at work. Offering a friendly and professional service he will deal with your claim for compensation.
Farnworth Rose Personal In jury Solicitors offer clients a personal one to one service and ensure that you receive 100% of your damages. We do not use middlemen and will give you sound and sensible advice. Our aim is to deal with your claim efficiently and professionally, and to maximize the amount of your award. We operate on a no win on fee basis and even pay you £100 when we take on your claim.
Call Stephen free on 08000 1 54321 or fill in the online claim form.

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